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For high net worth clients, Estate and Trust Tax planning are essential services that usually can save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.

Estate planning is critical if you wish to avoid passing the lion's share of your wealth to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) upon your untimely death.

Trusts are highly efficient tax tools that are often confused by many as a complex tax mitigation vehicle. Our Chartered Professional Accountants in Calgary take the mystery out of these issues and explain the benefits of what's involved, in easy-to-understand terms.

We don't try to impress you with our technical jargon. We explain your options in a language you will understand and help you establish a structure for your trust that will deliver the desired results.

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    The art of estate planning is more than just knowing the tools. Our team will approach the planning of your estate with your unique goals in mind. Our technical expertise has put us at the top of the game and our intimate knowledge of each client's goals has kept us growing. We will structure your plan according to your situation and your philosophy.


    Trusts can be extremely flexible tools used in professional estate planning. A trust is created by the transfer of an asset to a trustee who will look after it for the benefit of another person or persons. A trust can help you with both family-related and tax-related planning issues.


    A legally valid will is central to ensuring that your wishes are followed in a timely, cost-effective and tax-efficient manner. It's important to review your will every few years because changes in the law or in your life can impact your will.


    Taxes are a fact of life, and a fact of death. But with effective planning, you can minimize the tax that would otherwise be paid at death. You can also make sure that the plan you intended will not be altered because of consequences of which you were not aware.


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