Tax Audit Representation in Calgary, AB

The audit dispute and collection action process is complex and often an intimidating and frustrating experience. Obtaining professional representation is the prudent decision when you have been advised of pending actions by the Tax Authorities. RSINGH Professional Corporation has the expertise in tax regulations and the experience to navigate the internal workings of the process.

If Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has advised you a business audit is pending, or you are facing a large overdue bill for taxes and require assistance to navigate the collections process, then RSINGH Professional Corporation will deliver results for you at the best value price point in the Calgary market.

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Our Calgary Tax Accountants provide Tax Audit Representation and other corporate tax accounting services across Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, North West Calgary, South West Calgary, South East Calgary, and Northeast Calgary.

Our Corporate Tax Accounting Services include: Corporate Income Tax Filing | Tax Authority Representation | Reorganizations | GST Tax Filing

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